Largess Forestry's consulting operation has expanded greatly in the past years to become a premiere company in Tree & Forest Management Plans. Locally we have worked on some really exciting projects, including management plans for the Shelter Harbor community of Rhode Island and the Rhode Island Bridge Authority in Jamestown. We also work with private homes from simple green asset inventory reports, to management plans and tree preservation during construction. Please call us to find out more or for a free consultation.

  • Tree Appraisals & Tree Inventories

    Largess Forestry produces photo reports documenting the value of trees, including damage due to storms or neighbors. In addition to monetary value, tree appraisals include rankings of tree health using the Largess Tree Condition Scale.

  • Forest Management Plans
    Largess Forestry produces forest management plans to guide owners care of their forest resources. Largess Forestry management plans have been used to reduce property taxes at the local government level and to gain approvals from regulatory agencies at the state government level.

  • Landscape Design and Planting Plans
    Largess Forestry provides basic plan view maps of properties recommending pruning options as well as planting plans to stimulate new growth and a new look. Largess Forestry also works with design professionals to provide the arboricultural elements of projects. Largess Forestry also makes recommendations for planting to attract desirable birds and other wildlife.
  • Custom Reports for Unique Projects
    Many tree projects require private and public partnership to bring about a pleasant and healthy collection of trees. Largess Forestry has worked with schools, museums, arboretums, golf courses, park boards, municipalities, and state government agencies to accomplish positive landscape outcomes.
  • Permaculture Design
    We can work with you to create systems for your landscape and environment that are ecologically sound and economically viable. Permaculture is a sustainable system that uses less energy and resources.
  • Expert Legal Testimony
    Occasionally, tree damages do not get resolved through basic negotiation and the legal system needs to be utilized. Largess Forestry has provided expert legal testimony numerous times working with attorneys and their clients.