"For over five years, we have contracted Largess Forestry for all our tree maintenance and after many winter storms and hurricanes. We highly recommend their services. You will be very pleased with their quick response and professional job!"

Stephen & Diane Sullivan, Saunderstown Residents


"We first heard about Matt Largess and his team at Largess Forestry when we moved to Jamestown, Rhode Island more than five years ago. His team came to us with glowing recommendations. Our home was surrounded by stately old trees that needed considerable care and attention. Matt and his wonderfully talented crew were masters of their arborist's craft. Each tree was lovingly and individually cared for, through thoughtful pruning, spraying and fertilizing to add many years to their already long lives.
Matt is passionate, talented, skillful and knowledgeable. Not only has he been instrumental in caring for our old growth trees, he has also been particularly creative and attentive to the planting of new trees. His team is extraordinary. Some are professionally certified and all are highly skilled and loyal to the forest. Matt has spent time mentoring the team. It is clear that they family.
Matt has been an advocate for returning the copper beach to our property and the island. The Largess crew planted a long row of two dozen 12-foot tall copper beeches as a hedge along with two 20-foot copper beeches, all of which remain very happy and growing beautifully. 
Matt's fees have always been reasonable, his services reliable, his knowledge far ranging, he is true to his word, mentors his team well, and his enthusiasm for his work electric. Matt is undeniably a treasure of the forest. We are very blessed to have had his life's work shared with us, as will be anyone fortunate enough to cross his path. We can truly say that when Matt comes onto the property, we can almost hear the trees welcome him."

Christian Smith and Pebbles Wadsworth, Jamestown Residents


"We are so pleased to have made the big change by removing those enormous trees and our specimen trees are already responding to the air and light, as am I. The guys did an amazing job, so very professional and accommodating too. It is hard and dangerous work and their skill on every level was outstanding. Our sincere thanks and appreciation!"

Pia Peterson, Jamestown Residents