Robinson State Park Day & Bioblitz
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Robinson State Park Day & Bioblitz

The Town of Agawam has proclaimed the third Saturday of every June as Robinson State Park Day! This event is celebrated in the park with a wide range of activities and events. This event is sponsored by Largess Forestry, Inc and organized by Veronica Bobskill with the assistance from the Friends of Robinson State Park.

The Park is open to the public from 8AM to 8PM. Events start at the Pavillion.

8:00AM: Bird Walk--A guided tour to view and hear the birds in the Park. Bring binoculars.

10:00AM, 12:00PM, & 2PM: Big Tree Hikes with Matt Largess from Largess Forestry, Inc.

10:00AM-12:00PM: Children's Nature Coloring with Pat Bertone-Gross, former Agawam High School Math Teacher & artistic guru

11:00AM- 4:00PM: The Tree Bus with Maryanne Pacitti with the Scattered Seeds Foundation. "Our goal is to provide knowledge, opportunity and material necessary to cultivate botanical experience to whomever pines the need to learn and grow."

Ongoing: BIOBLITZ: Scientists cataloging species of plants and animals in Robinson State Park as a means to document its biodiversity and promote its conservation.

Ongoing: Identifiication of macroinvertebrates with Bob Nuzzo from Mass. DEP (Department of Environmental Protection)

***Insect repellant, sunscreen & comfortable clothing/shoes recommended for park activities. Also bring drinking water, preferably in a reusable water bottle, and a picnic lunch/snack as food is not available or sold in the park.

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Winter Tree Walk @ Mount Hope Farm w/ Matthew 'Twig' Largess
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Winter Tree Walk @ Mount Hope Farm w/ Matthew 'Twig' Largess

PHOTO CREDIT: Tiffany Medrano Photography

PHOTO CREDIT: Tiffany Medrano Photography

“Matt brings magic to every forest and makes every tree unforgettable.”

-Blackstone Valley Tourism Council

Winter is a perfect time to get to know your trees! Join Matthew ‘Twig’ Larges as he takes you on a tree ID journey through the beautiful and historic forested trails of Mount Hope Farm. You will get to know some basic information that will help you to identify deciduous trees in their dormant season through examination of twigs, buds, fruits, bark, and other features. You will also get a dose of story and folklore about the trees and the surrounding land.

Mount Hope Farm is a 127 acre national historic site located in Bristol, Rhode Island. The property is privately owned and governed by The Mount Hope Trust in Bristol and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to preserve and protect the integrity of its natural assets and its historical structures, and make it accessible to all.

About Matt:

An International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist and a full time environmentalist, Largess was named by Yankee Magazine in 2006 as “Tree Preservationist of the Decade.”  A Rhode Island native, Matthew studied forestry at Paul Smith’s College, and spent his younger years as a logger, cutting down the biggest trees on the earth in the Pacific Northwest. He has since dramatically shifted gears, dedicating his life to preserving individual trees through arboriculture, and unique old-growth groves of trees through his activism. Articles about Largess’ forest studies and travels have appeared in numerous publications including the Boston Globe, and on many national news broadcasts


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Treehugger Book Signing w/ Shamus Flaherty & Twig Largess
7:00 PM19:00

Treehugger Book Signing w/ Shamus Flaherty & Twig Largess

On Thursday February 16 Shamus Flaherty will be joined by arborist Matthew “Twig” Largess to discuss Flaherty’s most recent novel, Treehugger. Treehugger is a work of fiction based on the real life heroics of Largess, who left behind a life of debauchery and apathy to become one of the leading preservationists of old growth forests in America.

Topics of discussion will also include writing, the environment, recovery and life. 

This is a free event and open to all.

Location: Meeting Hall

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