Largess Forestry Inc., founded in 1986, by Matthew “Twig” Largess, is dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and education of the the Earth’s forests while enhancing awareness and knowledge of the natural world. 

Beginning with just one man with a 1961 truck and chipper, Largess Forestry’s fleet has since grown to include a bucket truck, large transplant spade truck, and multiple chippers. We are now nationally known, appearing in numerous publications, and have worked on projects from Rhode Island to California.  We believe in the importance of each tree. Through our expert arborists, we diagnose, care for, and maintain each of your green assets using ISA standards.


An International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist and a full time environmentalist, Largess was named by Yankee Magazine in 2006 as “Tree Preservationist of the Decade.”  A Rhode Island native, Matthew studied forestry at Paul Smith’s College, and spent his younger years as a logger, cutting down the biggest trees on the earth in the Pacific Northwest.

He has since dramatically shifted gears, dedicating his life to preserving individual trees through arboriculture, and unique old-growth groves of trees through his activism. Articles about Largess’ forest studies and travels have appeared in numerous publications including the Boston Globe, and on many national news broadcasts. Recently the book “TREEHUGGER” by Shamus Flaherty (Amazon.com) was published about his life and work.