Winter Tree Care

Did you know that winter is a great time for tree maintenance? There are a whole host of things that the experienced arborists at Largess Forestry are better able to accomplish during the winter that will benefit the tree during the growing season. Here are some of the ways they can care for your green assets in the winter:

When there are no leaves on the tree, we can easily see the structure. This is important in determining if there is any deadwood or hazardous limbs that need to be pruned. Pruning while dormant is also less shocking to the tree. By pruning in the winter, the tree will be healing itself throughout the spring, which is the most ideal time for a tree to heal and seal itself. 

Winter is also an ideal time for pruning because the soil is frozen. Because its frozen, any heavy equipment used will not compact the soil around the trees' roots or damage nearby landscaping.


Disease Management
Winter is a great time to look for overwintering insect eggs attached to the trunk and to search for any signs of fungal and pest damage. By treating these common problems early, you will enable your tree to flourish during the growing season,


Preventing Winter Injuries
Even though trees are dormant in winter, they can still be damaged by extreme temperatures, wind and salt spray, and over-drying.

Extreme cold weather can damage flower buds, crack tree trunks, prevent roots from taking in moisture, and turn evergreen leaves brown. These can be avoided in a number of ways. First, plant cold hardy species. Then, mulch the base of your trees and shrubs. This will provide the plant with a layer of insulation ensuring the ground won't freeze and the roots have access to water year round. Finally, leaves turn brown for a number of reasons. One of the reasons is that the ground is frozen and the roots cannot uptake moisture. When this happens, the plant draws water from the leaves and stems, which causes damage. To avoid this and protect your green assets, we can apply an anti-dessicant spray. The spray helps to prevent the loss of moisture. Another reason leaves turn brown is damage from wind and salt. We can easily solve this problem by fitting them with burlap sacks!


Bracing and Cabling
Trees limbs need a little extra support from time to time. One reason is that ice and snow can add unexpected weight to limbs during winter storms. Another reason a tree could need support is that it is mature and its limbs can no longer support its weight. Our tree specialists will determine if your tree is in need of extra support and, if so, for how long.