Owls & Trees

Even around the city of Newport, we have been hearing the calls of owls at night. Snowy Owls have come down from the Arctic Tundra, to places such as Sachuest Point, attracting the attention of many. Owls are just one of the wild creatures that make their homes in trees, and just one of the reasons their preservation is so important.  We often advise that homeowners leave their deceased trees for the benefits of wildlife, providing shelter and food and life to so many. We strive to take care in our tree work, disturbing wildlife as little as possible. We can work with you to create systems for your landscape and environment that are ecologically sound and economically viable.

Here are the owl species that can be found in New England:

·     Great Horned Owl

·     Barred Owl

·     Eastern Screech Owl

·     Northern Saw-whet Owl

·     Snowy Owl

·     Barn Owl

·     Short-eared Owl

·     Long-eared Owl

·     Boreal Owl 

·     Great Gray Owl

·     Northern Hawk Owl

·     Burrowing Owl

Screech Owl - Photo by Anne Brockel

Screech Owl - Photo by Anne Brockel